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Navigate Beee - the bee’s hero - through the emptiness and dangers of space.

With more and more flowers dying on earth and honey production getting harder every day, the bees set out to outer space to find a new place to live. Their greatest hero Beee steps up to the task.

Help Beee find a new planet for the bees population to live and peacefully produce honey again. With fuel being scarce, Beee has to take the best route possible using the orbits of planets along his way, always watching out for asteroids and black holes.

Will Beee be able to save the population? Step up to the task and navigate Beee through outer space on his important mission.

• 3 solar systems with 48 fun and challenging levels
• Various types of planets
• Asteroids, black holes, fuel reservoirs, ...
• Step-by-step tutorial to get started in no time
• Game Center Achievements, Leaderboard and Challenges
• Customizable spaceship design